Cortexual essays, poetry and cerebral musings for your pre-frontal amusement


This man is driven to draw
a magnet string leads him inspired
with hands never given to stall
surrendered to apophenia; in lucid limbo, hyper-wired,

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what’s the point?

words are like swords – without S’s or points
repurposed for prose, and smooth rhythmic joints

so instead of a dagger that ends in a death
the word is a gift, a life-giving breath

. . .

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The (Dude) Mandala

01 hand-mandala
The mandala is system, a symbol, and a universe in itself of various profundity. Etymologically it means “a magic circle,” yet mandalas existed before words and without description. From the grand realms of astronomy to the microscopic botanics and organics alike; as above, the planets orbit and snowflakes fall to ground; so below, its patterns are easily reflected in Fibonacci’s series, a golden rule of phi-sequenced flower petals spiraling off into endless functional forms.

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More Than Man

As a mixer
makes his elixir

so goes the bolo
twisting so low

from each dilutes
entrapping danger
pulling closer, the
encompassed stranger.

One lightspeed atom
an unseen phantom

that void re-feudal
torn, centrifugal

all are gears in pieces
like the moon and mars
densely spun
to man, are more than stars.

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Hyper Cube

musing-03-hyper-cube-2Could the regularity of this dense fabric called reality be directly related to the variation of its temperature? Well, if the goal were to identify with certainty, the basic nature of existence, then what follows may not be a “Waldo” amidst the distracting crowds of look-a-likes, impostors, and phoneys (plus the hundreds of dispersed regulars for a good measure of confusion) but i reassure you that this will be easily nominated for the “Oh, Please be Reality” award at next years Ig-Nobel Prize ceremonies.

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Does Air Smell?

Like the fish
breathing water,
and the bat
seeing sound.

Or the fire
ever bright,
and the future-bent
horizon sight.

So too, a scent
sneaks in each breath!
But does air smell?
how can we tell?
All exist quite intimate, entangled without end.

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cute-smiling-cartoon-dolphin-bright-sunburst-background-vector-illustration-organized-layers-61054887The topic of dolphins can open many contemplative routes of confabulations, ranging from the antique historic accounts found colourfully displayed on ancient fresco walls, to the mundane military training for marine mines detection or theoretically strapped with bombs destined for submarines.

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