Here you can reconnoiter various ink based art forms inspired from mandalas betwixt worldly cultures. The Möntique (modern antiques), the Abstract, and the Coloring Mandala.

Free downloads are currently available for the Coloring section. Digital copies and prints will be available in the future for the Möntiques and Abstracts.

Montique Mandalas
Abstract Mandalas
Abstract Mandalas

Color-In Mandala Downloads

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The Style of Theozoic

“The dreams of youth are the regrets of maturity,. . . dreams are my specialty.”

Dichotomously drifting within the threshold of antiquated and modern – a gradual blend of myths, muons, quarks, and the nowhere-in-between, Theozoic’s unique art form cascades into the deliberate day dreams of his Möntique Mandalas. Here, the resplendently unknown is born through entangling cultural, spiritual, corporeal, and religious motifs into telluric patterns from which something surreal and strange is sprung. Now, the subtle shapes form a final dynamic kaleidoscope of unexpected order and clean chaos, emerging through an intangible void. Thus, the modern mandala is revived, and beneath Theozoic’s style ripe riddles are still waiting for seekers, questers, and quacks alike. Hold your breath. And dive in.

What are “Möntique” Mandalas?

• Structurally: they are an attempt to blend elemental shapes and universal symmetries with a modern quantum twist, ultimately forming something new. A synthesis of “modern” and “antique,” thus, Möntique is derived.

• Personally: Möntique’s fulfill the inner alchemical desire for the authentic, bizarre, and beautiful, and further, they’re an external pursuit of some perfect expression yet to be understood.

• Philosophically: this art reflects an organic system that manifests in all realms of existence. High in the sky or down gaps between cracks. It permeates itself in our culture and manifests in how we live via geomancy. This way of things often collapses into our world like atomized firmament and, juxtapose, it sublimates back into the null-nebulous haze beyond; it is the paternal pattern of a primordial puzzle; matured like maternal matter made manageable by means of a meandering mind and a patient pencil.

• Summarily: the basic symbols of my Möntique’s are momentarily elucidated gradients synthesized from the “maboroshi” and captured in a static cymatic fashion.