{ The Magic – of – Kalapas – Inside – Tangled – Akousmatic – Symmetries }

mon arch etymologically spooken meta mundi california sister butterfly
this man is driven to draw
a magnet string leads him inspired
with hands never given to stall
surrendered to apophenia; in lucid limbo, hyper-wired

maybe a feverish result is required
in the unknown yawn of the abyss
it happily haunts him, the revenant’s call
he cannot resists, such entropic bliss

for from the flow of thoughtlessness
foments pure inspiration (of unknown location)
cadenced across the dessert mess
the oasis miraging’, some waxing vocation.

Bathed in the bizarre
a cacophonous conundrum
(oh quantum quandaries!)
procured of clean, contoured chaos.

The final product – a frenzy-filled derivation –
offers numinous chimes to the soul
from this eclectic landscape – bubbling  as a kinetic drum
“come wander the Meta Mundi,” it whispers in a lull.

So the man is driven to draw,
as intensely as the akashic fixation does pull
through gusts of currents; fierce and raw
eclectic waves of weirdness insufflate him full.

Epitomized in an endless epiphany;
linguistically emulated as a paternal pattern:
Bayomo, Datoo, Sirroco, Haboob;
all derivations damned by mother matter

like that fleeting world, “Ukiyo ahoy”!
floating above the modernity of history,
fractured, rebuilt, and sold new as a toy
the misused and forgotten, again, for a brief eternity.

Till the myopic mist meanders,
sauntering, as a castle in the sky
grafting clarity from visual ontology
revealing each relics’ sheen, rustless it lies

for meaning is truthfully recalcitrant!
and shine sharp as lapis-lazuli
amidst fragments of broken pottery
from old Etruscans, the bygones of Bön, and Nummonakki

This man is driven to draw, collecting cultural frost of all that was lost
to amalgamate the crystalline order from edges and boarder
to embark, once more, into the breach of boundless blackness,
as a curio of the cognoscenti: one does not graduate, one simply matriculates.

That is the path of my pen
never to end (but always to blend)
graceful gradients perceived by few men
symmetries sublimated within unseens dens.

Invisible voids,
egress in grace
shuttering toroids,
appear now, apeirion.