Explore the Indie Folk Music Genres of Theozoic

Tau (2014)

Blending elements of love, loss, and the euphoric lunacy occurring in between, TAU exemplifies a wabi sabi style of production to define this latest album. The story travels thematically through ancient Japanese folklore, saunters amidst magicians and myths, then dabbles in Swedish proverbs; integrating into a cohesive and emotionally rich audio-journey. Accompanied by new talent (Zan Morris), and a familiar L.A. celebrity (Daisy McCrackin), TAU is inspired from the Druids’ ancient cross (tau) – predating both the Roman’s cardinal cross and Egyptian ankh. Through an eccentric “cult-acoustic” genre, a truly original, raw, and phenomenal experience unfolds.

The Owls…Are Not What They Seem (2013)

Picking up speed and working with more abstract concepts, The Owls dwells betwixt and between genres, producing a rare blend called Cult-Acoustic. This style is derived from the hidden implications of each songs’ topic such as the healthy release of societal angst (“Out Out”), relishing the good times (“Kala”), and even the incredibly long distance story about a single particle of light traveling across our solar system until finally reaching its earthly destination (“Solar Circuits”). The Owls offers a dynamic bridge of experiences for the eager ear and avid seeker of new sounds to enjoy.

Little Diddies (2012)

This is the first and most accessible album of them all, telling the tale of a post-modern world in conflict with an old-town Northern California soul caught up in an oppressive technocracy (epitomized in “The Web”). LiTTLE DiDDLES broaches existential themes (“Here Here”), oddball intimacy in the fruit kingdom (“Arborellia Way”), serious disillusioned New Age spirituality (“Zenned Out!”), and fun educational grammar lessons regarding animals’ collective terminology (“Humdinger”) – yes, its quirky, its quaint . . . . its funky indie-folk!

Hear the newest singles here on SoundCloud. . . and look out for next years album “Et-Mo-Spoken,” it will be a joyous jump into odd etymologies!